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Education Programs


Our Education grants and loans foster long-term financial well-being by helping Coast Guard families pursue their academic goals through post-secondary education.

Contact your local Representative for additional information

Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Reimbursement

Our Stafford/PLUS Loan Reimbursement Program offers help to clients and their families who finance post-secondary education through the Federal Stafford Loan or Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), by refunding the mandatory loan fee that is charged each borrower.

This program is available to all CGMA clients, their spouse, and dependent children.

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Supplemental Education Grants (SEG)

Our SEG Program offers assistance by reimbursing Clients up to $350 per per calendar year for certain costs specifically required by a course of study when seeking a college degree, a VoTech certificate, or a GED, not otherwise covered by Coast Guard Tuition Assistance or similar programs.

Important! SEG availability is subject to annual funding level changes; grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Grants are available to all CGMA clients on behalf of themselves, their spouse, or dependent children.

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Education Loan Program

Our Education Loan Program offers assistance by providing a loan up to $3,000 to assist with education expenses for students enrolled in an Associate, Bachelor, or Graduate degree program at a regionally or nationally accredited college or university or in a Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Education approved Vocational Technical Training (VoTech) program..

These loans are available to all CGMA clients on behalf of themselves or their eligible family members.

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Education Loan Program

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Eligibility Requirements

All CGMA clients and eligible family members are eligible to participate in this Program, unless they are currently delinquent in repaying any CGMA loan or appear on the CGMA Restricted List.

All CGMA clients include:

Eligible family members include the CGMA client's spouse and dependent children who are:


Application Procedures

step 1 Complete all sections of the Application for CGMA Education Loan (CGMA Form 11). The application is available to download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. It is also available from your local Representative or CGMA-HQ (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404.

step 2 Attach the following documents:

step 3 Make a copy for your records and forward the original application and supporting documentation to your nearest Representative

After ensuring the application and attachments are complete, the Representative will process the request and issue a check to the client for the proper amount


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