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Applying for Assistance


Who Can Apply

Any eligible person may request assistance by contacting a Representative and completing the appropriate application for assistance.

Where to Apply

Your local CGMA Representative is the best person to contact when you need assistance. However, if you are away from home, you may receive emergency assistance from any Representative

Other Military Aid Societies and the American Red Cross

When unable to receive emergency assistance through CGMA CG military members may receive emergency assistance from the:

Requests for non-emergency assistance must go through your local Representative and not these agencies.

What to Bring With You

What Else Will Be Needed

Application for Assistance

An application for assistance must be completed for each request for assistance.

Applications are available to download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. They are also available from your local Representative or CGMA-HQ (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404.

Most requests for assistance will be made using a CGMA Application for Assistance (CGMA Form 5) however, there are a few exceptions:

Quick Loan Program
CGMA Form 1

CGMA Layette (Welcome Gift for Baby)
CGMA Form 7

Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund
CGMA Form 8

Supplemental Education Grant (SEG)
CGMA Form 10

CGMA Education Loan
CGMA Form 11

If assistance is provided by another relief agency, they will provide their application form to be completed

Check with your local Representative if you're not sure which application to use.

Budget Form

In addition to the application form, in most cases a CGMA Budget Form (CGMA Form 15) must also be completed and submitted with the application.

Assistance to Family Members

When the CGMA Client isn't available one of the following items will normally be required prior to providing assistance.

Command Endorsement

A command endorsement will normally be required for requests for assistance from active duty members, Auxiliary members, civilian employees, and Reserve members not stationed at the same unit as the CGMA Representative. All other applicants may, if they choose, elect to include such an endorsement as part of their application for assistance.

Additional Documentation

Depending on the nature, scope and complexity of the request, additional supporting documentation or information may be needed to process the request. Applicants are encouraged to attach separate letters, statements or other documents to their application when necessary to help support their request and explain extenuating circumstances that would not be evident in the application and other documentation.


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