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CGMA Applications

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General Information

An application for assistance must be completed for each request for assistance. The CGMA Application for Assistance (CGMA Form 5) has been established as the primary document to request assistance. This form will be used to request most types of assistance, except as noted below. 

In addition to the application form, in most cases a CGMA Budget Form must also be completed. Additional supporting documentation will normally be required when applying for assistance.

Generally the CGMA client will apply for assistance for themselves or for their family members. However, when the client is not available, family members may apply. More...

 Applicants are encouraged to also review "Applying for Assistance" for addition information.

Applications for Assistance

Applications are available to download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. They are also available from your local Representative or CGMA-HQ (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404.

Most requests for assistance will be made using a CGMA Application for Assistance (CGMA Form 5) however, there are a few exceptions:

Quick Loan Program
CGMA Form 1

CGMA Layette (Welcome Gift for Baby)
CGMA Form 7

Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund
CGMA Form 8

Supplemental Education Grant (SEG)
CGMA Form 10

CGMA Education Loan
CGMA Form 11

CGMA Budget Form
CGMA Form 15

Pre-Authorization Form
CGMA Form 16

If assistance is provided by another relief agency, they will provide their application form to be completed

Check with your local Representative if you're not sure which application to use.

Completing the Application

Regardless of the form used, the applicant is to read, thoroughly complete and sign the application for assistance. If there is insufficient space on the application, additional pages may be attached, as needed, to provide complete information. The completed signed application, along with endorsements and supporting documents, will form the basis for determining if assistance may be provided.

At a minimum, the applicant must complete the "Assistance Requested" block of the application for assistance. This information should be detailed enough for the Representative to understand the applicant's need and to assist in making a decision on the request.

In more complex or unusual cases, in addition to the information provided on the application, applicants are encouraged to provide an additional statement that may help explain or justify the need for assistance.

Generally, the more information provided by the applicant to explain the situation they are in, their need, and what they are expecting from CGMA, the easier it will be to understand the applicant's request and to make the correct decision as to whether or not assistance may be provided.

Forwarding the Application

Except as noted below, completed applications along with budget forms and other supporting documentation are to be forwarded to your local CGMA Representative for processing.

Applications for the CGMA Layette Program (CGMA Form 7) and the Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund (CGMA Form 8) should be sent directly to CGMA-HQ, not to your local CGMA Representative.

Make a copy for your records and Mail or fax the entire package to:

1500 N. Glebe Road
Suite 220
Arlington, VA 22201


Fax:(703) 875-0344

See Applying for Assistance for addition information.