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Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to the Coast Guard community.

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Organization Overview

MISSION - CGMA strives to promote financial stability and general well-being of the people it serves.

VISION - As a recognized leader in promoting financial stability for its clients, CGMA will seek to empower the Coast Guard family in meeting future financial challenges. Through partnerships with other assistance providers, we will deliver innovative financial assistance in response to emerging Coast Guard family needs. We will ensure that we are always ready, and always there as a critical safety net in times of financial need. We will truly look after our own.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES - CGMA seeks to help members of the Coast Guard Family achieve autonomous financial well-being.

GOALS - Providing maximum assistance to the largest number of individuals, expanding and improving current programs, removing or easing restrictions, and increasing limits.



"We Look After Our Own"